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ü Sub chassis, 402x198x60 kg/m Jindal Steel E250 BR ISI 2062:2011 ISO 1277U-Beams with welded cross member

ü 2 landing lags capacity 62 tons

ü Floor: 4mm Essar 52 Plane Sheet -360Mpa, UTS-440-550Mpa,EL-22%,

ü Flooring support : 78x78x5mm*****(APL) ISI AND ISO 9001-2008 ( 21 to 24 support )

ü Side hook/side safety guard, Chassis & Body balance system

ü 4 nos heavy suspension,

ü Welding : MIG/MAG Welding with Argon+CO2 Shield

ü Single Pc Axle 2nos (HD)-1950 (88’’) with 150x150 box section and with 1.5L Greasing Cycle York

ü 1 nos Second disposal axel

ü 2 line air brake system with air tank, emergency relay valve, brake chamber and mechanical slack adjuster and side hook

ü 24 volt electrical system, pin electrical connector, Side LED Light, Reverse Siren Parking, brake and indicator lights, Rear marker and side reflector.

ü Duly painted with 1 coat of aproxy base zinc chrome primer and two coats of color of your choice

ü Tyre with TATA wheel rim

ü LED side lights & Elegant radium decoration ARIA Approved R T O Norms


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