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Mounted Crane

Description :

ü Sub Chassis: ISMC-E250JR-203x76****(JSPL) ISI AND ISO 9001-2008

ü Bottom Support : ISMC-E250JR 152X76**** (APL) ISI AND ISO 9001-2008, 22 to 25 support

ü Flooring : 5.5 mm Essar 52 steel sheets double side 360Mpa,UTS-440-550Mpa,EL-30% with IS 5986 TC Material .

ü Side door : TATA CRC :2.2 mm 66 steel sheet double side 360Mpa,UTS-440-550Mpa,EL-26% with IS 5986 TC Material.

ü Complete Finolex 5 mm wiring ARAI Approved

ü Rear door: TATA :2.5mm 66 steel sheet with IS 5986 TC Material

ü Beck side heavy duty crane safety fix guard and side safety guard

ü Duly painted with 1 coat of eproxy base zinc chrome primer and two coats of color of your choice

ü Rear Side in Bottom iron lattices and making ladder in centre

ü U section bolt and side plating 12mm

ü Welding : MIG/MAG Welding with Argon+CO2 Shield

ü Complete pin lock system in two side door

ü LED side lights & Elegant 3M radium decoration ARIA Approved R T O Norms

ü Rear side safety grill

Mounted Crane

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Mounted Crane LightBox
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